Where are you located? I live in Saint Paul, MN and I am available for shoots in the greater Twin Cities area thought I love traveling. If you don’t live close, but would still like to hire me for a shoot, I would be happy to come to wherever you are. If you live close, but your dream location is further away, I’d love to meet you there.

Do you charge a travel fee? Yes, I will add a travel fee depending on the distant to the location, type of transportation and mileage. We would have to discuss the details during your consultation either on the phone or in person, so I can give you an exact quote.

How would you describe your style? I come from a fine art background and I think that all the portraits I take include elements of my artistic vision. I love to include nature, but enjoy urban settings as well, if that’s what you would prefer. I would describe my style as classic, simple, natural, personal and artistic. When I photograph children in nature, for example, I mostly encourage them to do exactly what they would do without me, run around, climb trees, play in the sand, pick up leaves, play with sticks etc. and often it will just take one or two directions from me to get the right shot. I love taking my clients on little outdoor adventures if they are up for it.

Where will the shoot take place? Weather permitting, we will have your session outside in a beautiful location of your choice. I am happy to give recommendations on a variety of places that might work well for you, but most important to me is that you are in a place that you love, whether it is your own backyard, the nearby woods, or a place in the middle of the city.

What if it rains or it is too cold? First, I would like to say that I am very committed to my clients, and I will show up to a shoot rain or shine. Of course, I completely understand if certain weather conditions are not what you had in mind or it is just simply too cold to be outside (though summer rain can be quite wonderful!) Under those circumstances, I am happy to either find an indoor shooting location (public places in the city can serve as interesting backgrounds for shoots), have the shoot in your own home (see below for in-home sessions), or we postpone for a couple days to catch better weather.

What are in home sessions? An in-home session is a great option for those freezing Minnesota winter days. In fact, I very much enjoy taking pictures inside of a house. Stairs, windows, curtains, couches, hard wood floor, flowers and plants can be great props and provide interesting lighting for creative images of you and your family. There are several advantages to in-home sessions: You don’t have to go anywhere, your kids can play in their normal environment, use their toys, play a game, eat snacks, or whatever else they want to do. It is easier to change into different outfits or touch up on your make-up if that is what you would like.

How long will a session take? Usually a session takes about 1 to 2 hours. Most important to me is that you get what you want, so there is never a rush, and I will always leave enough room in case it takes longer.

What is your cancellation policy? The deposit is due right away to safe your date for a session and is non-refundable. Life happens to all of us, so if you have to reschedule because of sickness or family emergencies, I am happy to work with you. I just ask you to respect the time I set aside for you, and I am sure we can work things out.

What should I wear during a shoot? Most of all, I want you to be comfortable. Wear something that makes you feel beautiful, and you will look beautiful. It also depends on the kind of mood you are going for. I often photograph people in nature which means they should wear clothing that can get some dirt on and you are comfortable enough to move around in. I always recommend solid, neutral colors, no graphics. A simple white or black dress is often all that it takes, but sometimes patterns like stripes, polka dots or even flower patterns can add interesting depth to a picture, especially in black and white.