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My name is Manuela Thames and I live with my family, husband, two boys and two cats, in Saint Paul, MN. I was born and raised in Germany, met an American man in Switzerland one year, and eventually found myself moving across the ocean with one suitcase and a wedding dress. When I’m not taking pictures, I love spending time with my family, relaxing at home, taking road trips, and communing with nature. I love trees, hiking in the mountains, people, stories, one on one conversations over wine, Thai food, the fresh green of early spring, late summer nights, the amazing fall colors and walking through the woods after a snow fall.

Photography has been with me ever since I was a little girl, fascinated with the black and white portraits my grandfather had taken that hung all over the walls in his home. They evoked awe, longing and wonder in me that strongly influences my photography style today and my love for black and white photography in general.

I took up photography seriously as a way of coping with two life changing events that happened within one year, the birth of my first son and the death of my brother. The camera, and self-portraiture in particular, became the tool for me to express what my words couldn’t. After a few years, my focus slowly expanded towards others and their stories, their joys and their struggles.

I find humans to be the most interesting subjects to photograph, and when I take portraits of others I strive to bring out a kind of beauty that speaks to their unique story, their hopes, their dreams, their struggles and their joys – whether it’s a single subject, a family, children, friends, couples, or anyone else.

My desire is to produce high-quality, unique, and artistic prints for your walls of your loved ones, ones that show the unique beauty of their subjects in a moment of their lives, and that will evoke the same feelings of awe and wonder and beauty in whoever views them.

I would love to chat with your over coffee about how I can make that happen for you.

I offer a quick turn-around, high quality fine-art prints, in-home consultation (if desired), and a fun and adventurous shooting time in beautiful locations when weather permits, or in-home shoots when it’s too cold or rainy to go outside (contact me for details).

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